How To Have A Fun Family Vacation With Toddlers

Planning a holiday with toddlers can be both exciting and challenging.  Family holidays are a time to make some special memories, although holidaying with babies, toddlers or young children can certainly create some “interesting” memories! 

Here at Nautilus, we thought we would share some tips to help you enjoy your beach getaway at a family hotel in Mooloolaba as much as you can. Most of them are centred around on a central theme, planning.

  • Organise your transport in advance

If you are flying to the Sunshine Coast, pre book your transfers to the hotel in Mooloolaba. It is best to be organised and have this already for the day of arrival. If you are renting a car, book it online to save having to make any on the spot decisions at the airport. The same applies if you are getting a lift from the airport to your hotel, arrange a shuttle in advance. This way you can step off the plane and head straight to the hotel to get settled. 

Alternatively, if you are driving to Mooloolaba, check google maps before leaving the airport, for the fastest route.

  • Take some breaks during the day

Sometimes on holidays, it’s easy to get excited about exploring all there is to see and we try to plan too many things for each day! When travelling with little ones, it is probably best to plan less. Often the best memories are the spontaneous moments and the unplanned activities.  Your little one will need some quiet play time or downtime to balance all of the excitement of being on holiday, so plan some breaks, a walk in the stroller where they might sleep, or some quiet play time at the hotel with familiar toys.

  • Let them play

Whether it is at the beach, in a playground or at an attraction, your children will have more fun if they can simply play. There is no shortage of options for family entertainment and activities on the Sunshine Coast. But remember to take natural play such as exploration of the rockpools at nearby Point Cartwright. 

Planning a road trip to the hinterland?  A great idea is to stop at a park along the way for a run and some morning tea. If kids are given play time, they will be more ready when you arrive at your destination to take part in the planned activities. There should always be time for kids to just be kids.

  • Be Sun Smart

The Sunshine Coast UV factor is strong, even on a cloudy day. Remember to slip, slop, slap and avoid any unhappy sunburnt children or adults! Sunburn and heat exposure can make you feel tired and lethargic, and no one will feel like doing much after getting sunburnt. 

The stunning Mooloolaba Beach is just a minute’s stroll up the road from our family resort, and it is a good idea to avoid a shore side visit in the midday sun, always wear a hat and protective clothing and apply sunscreen to your children regularly. Always be prepared to be sun smart and remember to pack plenty of water bottles.

  • Be prepared for the unexpected

Hopefully your holiday goes off without a hitch. But being prepared can also involve pre-empting the unexpected. This could mean packing some extra snacks, bringing extra drinking water, a spare hat, some extra toys for the car, baby wipes, a basic first aid kit or a device that you can play a movie or cartoons on.

  • Check the weather

Most people come to Mooloolaba to enjoy sunny days by the gorgeous beach. Unfortunately, we do get some rainy days here too. If you follow your weather app, and look out for possible rain, or strong wind, then you can plan some indoor activities to keep everyone entertained.

The Coast has plenty of all-weather activities including a trip to Sea Life Aquarium, a wander around The Sunshine Plaza, or a visit to an indoor playground activity, such as rock climbing or laser tag and much more, ask our friendly staff for suggestions.

In Summary

Holidays are meant to be fun and a time to build special memories of family time together. Following the above tips to be prepared and avoid meltdowns from children, can help ensure you have a lovely time in our beautiful part of the world.

We also suggest that if possible, book a two bedroom holiday apartment in Mooloolaba. This will give you a lot better opportunity to rest and perhaps connect as parents while you are away too. That extra space in your room can be priceless.

We look forward to seeing you and your family in Mooloolaba soon.