Safe Swimming on the Sunshine Coast

Nautilus Mooloolaba Beach

Nautilus is located just a short walk to Mooloolaba’s patrolled main beach where you can swim between the flags! 

Summer has seen a record amount of emergency call-outs to people swimming on unpatrolled beaches. Luckily, guests staying at Nautilus are located just a short walk from Mooloolaba’s patrolled main beach. 

Ever wondered what the red and yellow flags mean?

Red and yellow flags on our beaches mean that the area is being protected by our wonderful Australian Surf Lifesavers!

The beaches in Australia are known for being some of the most beautiful in the world. With almost 12,000 beaches spanning 60,000 kilometres of rugged coastline, you can see how Australian beaches have the potential for wild conditions! 

Hence the importance of the red and yellow flags! 

The flag’s location may change slightly each day depending on the conditions and swimming between the flags ensures you are being monitored by the surf life savers on patrol. 

Can you identify a ‘rip’? If not, read on

By far the most common risk when swimming in the ocean is the potential to be ‘caught in a rip’.

What is a rip? A rip is when a large volume of water is travelling through a gutter or along a sandbar, back out into the ocean. It is extremely hard to identify and you can get caught in one without noticing. There are very distinctive v-lined patterns that show these unusual currents. 

However, you can easily avoid this risk by swimming between the red and yellow flags, that way  if an emergency does occur, help will be readily available to you.

If you find yourself in rip conditions, don’t panic. Swim sideways (parallel to the beach) to move out of the outgoing current, do not try to swim against the current. You should also float and/or tread water whilst trying to get the attention of others on the beach. 

Learning Surf Skills 

If you want to learn more about swimming safely at the beach, or ensure your kids are aware of the dangers. Book the kids in with  XL Surf Academy for an intro to surfing lesson when you visit us at Nautilus next time. The kids will learn about beach safety and pick up a new skill! 

What To Do in An Emergency!

If you witness an emergency, the best thing to do is call 000. They will connect you to an operator who will notify the correct emergency responders. 

If you witness an emergency, it is NOT advised to enter the ocean to try and save others. Leave this up to the surf lifesavers and emergency personnel. Trying to save others may put yourself and/or others at risk. 

We want everyone who visits Mooloolaba to have a safe and happy holiday so please, play it safe when you head to the ocean! 

Swim safely and have the peace of mind that if you are not monitoring the conditions at the beach, our Mooloolaba Surf Life Savers will be. 

And lastly, here is a hot little tip from us if you aren’t a strong swimmer or have little ones with you! 

At the end of Parkyn Parade which is only a 10-minute walk or two-minute car ride from us, you’ll find a beautiful little cove with calmer waters that everyone can enjoy. Best of all – there’s a wonderful children’s playground and all of the Mooloolaba fisheries are located here so you can treat yourself to fish, chips, and fresh Mooloolaba prawns straight from the trawlers!

Warning Note: Swimming when under the influence of alcohol or drugs can also increase your risk of drowning as your reaction speed to dangers will be impaired, please consume responsibly.

We just want to everyone to have fun when they stay at our resort in Mooloolaba. So follow these safe swimming guidelines, and enjoy your holiday.