What NOT To Do On The Sunshine Coast

When you come for a holiday on the Sunshine Coast, it is pretty hard to not have a good time -whether you are staying here with us at Nautilus for a few nights or a few weeks, there is plenty to do for fun and relaxation alike. However, there are a few things that are best avoided to make your holiday on the Sunshine Coast, well, less enjoyable…

  • DON’T get badly sunburnt

We can’t tell you how many times we have welcomed young families to our holiday apartments happy and excited for their stay, only to see them suffering from sunburn as they check out. A few hours in the full sun unprotected can leave you sunburnt and feeling sorry for yourself.

Being on the beach increases the rate at which you burn, due to the reflection of the water and sand. But even shady walks through the rainforest or into the hinterland call for sun protection – especially in Summer. 

It’s wise to avoid being out on the beach in the midday sun, but at any time of day slipping on a shirt, slopping on some sunscreen and slapping on a hat is a must. Parents of young children are wonderful at protecting their kids, but often neglect themselves and end up with burnt faces, necks, or backs. 

There is nothing worse than having to rest up from overexposure to the sun. So please remember to avoid the sun in the middle of the day.

  • DON’T earn yourself a hangover

Our holiday resort in Mooloolaba is not targeted towards party animals. We do know, however, that on a weekend getaway it can be easy to overindulge in drinks as you settle in at a seaside bar or restaurant. It can be a real downer on a holiday though.

Summer often makes us feel a little extra thirsty but don’t forget to hydrate with water more so than cocktails or beer! Feeling fresh each day of your Mooloolaba getaway means more time enjoying the sites and incredible food on offer!

  • DON’T be unsafe in the water!

There are many safe and wonderful beaches to choose from on the Sunshine Coast, including Mooloolaba Beach just a short walk from your Nautilus Mooloolaba Apartment!

However tempting it might be to have that little remote patch of sand all to yourself, it’s safest to swim in the life saver patrolled area. We are so grateful that our Mooloola Surf Lifesaving Club keeps all of our guests safe and enjoying the waves! 

Swim between the flags and have a safe time in the water!

  • DON’T get a traffic infringement

If you are visiting from out of town, it can be a little confusing at times navigating your way around and paying attention to the local road rules but it pays to be careful! Or rather it costs if you are not careful! So slow down and ensure you observe the speed limits – restaurants will hold your booking, and the sunset lasts longer than you think.

Drive to the speed limit on our roads and you will not only avoid expensive traffic fines, but you will also keep our local wildlife neighbours of birds, koalas and kangaroos safer too.

Holidays in Mooloolaba are meant to be fun, and nobody wants to take an expensive fine or a sunburn home as a souvenir!

Chat with us at reception about anything you need for a happy getaway in Mooloolaba, as we can always advise on where to swim or point you in the direction of sunscreen if you forgot to pack it!